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The company "Encapsulation" was founded in April 2009. At the core of the company is a team of experienced industrial climbers, as well as a group of specialists in the organization of high-altitude work.
Currently, our company offers customers of works not just an industrial climber who works under the direction of specialists, but a finished result of the work. Receiving the task, we are ready to offer our own solution or work on already proposed projects.

The company has all the necessary permits to perform work at height.

The future and plans:
Mountaineers is enthusiastically planning for the future. Our goal is to work hard, improve our skills, and develop the industrial mountaineering market. We wish our present and future partners to rise higher. And we are here to help!

Company "Encapsulation" is interested in long-term mutually beneficial partnership. Send your partnership proposals to the mailbox:

If you need more information about the company's activities, you can ask our manager a question. After filling out the form, a specialist will contact you by the phone number you specified.