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Sealing of interpanel joints

Sealing of interpanel joints
During the winter season in building a house, heat preservation in apartments, offices and industrial premises comes to the fore. And the first solution that arises is the sealing of joints between panels in panel houses, all kinds of joints of facade elements, elimination of drafts and leaks. As a side effect of the above mentioned failures of building facades, roofs, walls, mold and fungus may appear, which is a direct threat to the building itself and human health, staying in it. Causes of increased heat loss, increased humidity in the room can be very diverse, but there are a few most common.
Our company is engaged in the removal of leaks, drafts and freezing of the walls - it is fundamentally different from the sealing and the more foam. Currently, there are many technologies, materials for sealing and insulation. We deliberately will not describe here all the technical solutions for all known problems. We will describe only the traditional ones, if you are interested you can read more below or in other sections of our website, but in practice each case is solved individually. If you already have a problem, then contact our manager by phone and by sending a request. You will find out how best to perform the repair at your place and how much it costs.

When do I need caulking in panel houses?

Why is it cold in my apartment or house in the winter? There are many reasons for heat loss in the house and the lack of efficiency of the heating system combined with insulation. But one of the most obvious and widespread problems are "cold bridges", which are formed not only in the joints.
Such elements in homes and other facilities include:
  • joints and seams between panels;
  • improperly installed window sills;
Voids between insulation materials.
Also, there are often mistakes made during the construction of the house or other object. It should be added that these elements not only worsen the microclimate in the room, but can also be a source of rapid deterioration of the building due to the accumulation of dirt, moisture, and other things. The solution is one - caulking interpanel joints. This procedure may consist of several stages, be primary or secondary (it affects the range of work performed) and so on. In each case, an individual program is selected to solve the problems with the insulation of the object.
Sealing! The ideal treatment of the joint that lets the heat through
However, you do not have to worry about it. If you notice the source of heat loss in time and fix it, your home will be warm and comfortable again. And it will serve you for decades to come. Professional caulking of interpanel joints in Moscow - this is the best opportunity to prepare your home for winter frosts.
Competently executed work reduces heat loss, prevents moisture accumulation, which can lead to the destruction of structures, mold and mildew. Our company, whose main specialization - industrial climbing in Moscow, ready to offer you services on finishing seams and joints of panels, walls, roofs and other components of the house. We not only isolate the weak areas of the structure, but also to eliminate possible leaks. Due to complex approach we solve even the most non-standard tasks. If you are interested in high quality along with affordable price for sealing joints between panels in panel houses, Alpinist can help you.